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Guitar Loop Effects Question


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I want to get a loop pedal for open mic nights - nothing too fancy, but I want it to be easy to use and versatile. I'll be playing alone so the loop pedal should help out.

Has anyone used the simplest Boss pedal?: http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/products/en/RC-2/index.html

How about the next model?: http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/products/en/RC-20XL/index.html

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I have a budget, but I won't nickel and dime. However, doesn't the RC-20XL run somewhere in the $400+ range? I'm never going to be in a band - unless Blue Grassy High invite me to do some guest guitar work. I want a loop pedal for fun and to add some variation while doing some solo acoustic instrumental performances at open mic nights.

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If you absolutely don't want to spend $400 or more, the only answer is the RC-2.

The only thing is that once you get into this you will begin to think of the features you would like to have.

The RC preamps and a/d converters sound like shit. This rings true from the rc-2 to the rc-50. The rc-50 blows. If you're going to drop that kind of cash there are a lot better options out there.

I assume that you want to use this for live performace mainly. The ability to catalogue your loops is nice, but you'll probably never use them when you're performing because its kinda "backing track" like.

I still feel like the Gibson echoplex is the ultimate performance looper. The loop IV software is extraordinarily deep. You can probably pick up a used one for around $600.00

The other recommendation I have is the Electro Harmonix 2880. It has 4 tracks that you can layer on each of them. You can mixdown those 4 tracks to a stereo mix and then add another 4 tracks. Its kindof like an on the fly 4 track. The a/d converter sounds very pleasant and the routing options are pretty crazy because you've got left and right outputs. I really feel like this one can push your creativity unlike other loopers because of the multiple tracks. You can move "sideways" more easily by dropping the fadrers on certain parts of your loop and then building something new from another track. The go for about $600 with the footcontroller. I'm sure there may be some used ones out there already for much less.

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I know you said "simple" which to me means on the cheaper end giventhe use you described...


I use this pedal for all my looping needs and it is the most versatile and easy to use, and has the highest sampling rate and longest sampling time available..

b_kczzih55za3uly55a4sz2h4540998_1.jpg However each Boomerang is hand built and will cost you approx. $500. You can get them at Songbird music.

Now if that's too much I would recommended the Line 6 delay modeler. It has a looping function with easy to use "tap in" and "add" buttons. That way you also get all the awesome analogue sounding delays too. The only drawback is the looping time is shorter than the bommerang and th internal clock is not uite as good. But might be fine for you.

It sells for around $300 and you can get them at Steve's and Long & McQuaid.


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The RC 20xl goes for about $319

at Long and McQuade this week.

I have a boomerang...cool!

I have the Line6...also cool but different it also has supercool delay sounds (can't be used simultaneously).

The Boss is the only unit I know that stores multiple loops indefinately. That's kind of a cool feature if you're playing solo.

Let us know what you get.

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dude, the Boss or the Jam Man pedals are your best bet by far for looping effects, and for the cost they are great. I am using the jam man and it's perfect for looping, storing, cpu hook up. you also can have several layers of music going without the diminished quality of your last track. The timing is very simple and the upgrading ability is right on the ball. They both run around $400 including tax...

check it out


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