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The new and improved for your convenience "I Hate TicketBastard" Thread


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Woke up Saturday morning all excited about Police tix going on sale. Ive been buying tix for years and my clickitty-click-click fingers run on auto-pilot now. Im a wiz at this. So, I wasnt all that worried about getting good tix. But, of course, for our convenience, the glorious corporation that is TicketMaster has improved the service by adding in a new step. They show you a picture of a word and simply want you to type it. Easy, eh?

Welll .... look what I get ....


Enter the word as it is shown above

Huh?!?! It's not F K G Y Y J ?!?! Hmmm, that was a bit hard, Mr. Ticketmaster. I didnt get it ...

Ok, they respond ... how about this, much easier one!?


ugh :crazy:

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couldn't agree more with this thread and with those stupid fucking non-words to decipher. I was going for Allmans tickets running into the same bullshit, is that an F or a G or a J? after the 4th or 5th time, I would look at the word and just fuck it up on purpose to get my next 'word'.

Fuck ticketmaster I hate you so much and I curse you for a thousand years.

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