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Deadbeat Dads...


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This can work as a deterent to deadbeat parents and no one is going to hunt them down and kill them however it will not deter phedophiles and it will put them in danger

Good points. I really don't know where I stand on this one. There's good arguments for both sides.

I would say that you underestimate the possibility that this will in now way place these deadbeat dads in any danger. There are a lot of angry ex-wives and kids out there. I know what it's like to have a dad not make support payments, and disappear for almost a year. I wouldn't place him in the same category as these mucks, but it can rouse some pretty strong feelings in a young person.

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Yeah, this is a touchy issue for sure...

Somehow I doubt that the children would benefit from knowing or hearing about what a loser their father is and having it broadcasted over the net. Even if it is the truth, a child does not need that rammed down their throats.

Children have a way of feeling guilty, inadequate, rejected, etc. for the actions/behaviours of their parents. I can't see this helping their well-being at all. Sometimes a mother's anger, vengeance, frustration, etc (even if well founded) has to come second (imo).

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