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Official 2007 NHL Trade Thread


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I hope I am wrong but I think this is going to be a boring trade deadline. Most of the big deals are done. You are going to see some filler players move and that is about it, maybe a Bill Guerin or two but not much more. Originally I planned on taking the day off to watch it from home but I can no longer justify it.

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I'm with Booche. I've already quit faking starting to get sick for tomorrow. Last year was the "busiest" trade deadline in history, but 2/3rds of the deals were for veteran depth defenseman type players.

Maybe the most interesting deal will be if Sabres opt to send Biron somewhere for some injury relief.

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I think Muckler is still looking for someone like a Roberts to play with Speeza and Heatley. Neither Neil or McAmmond has looked consistently good on the top line.

I'd guess they wait it out until the last minute to see if prices come down. Muck has repeated that he won't move a roster player... wait and see...

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Why all the fuss about a 40 year old with 13 goals?

Did you learn nothing from Buffalo's injuries last playoffs? Gotta have guys on the farm that are ready to go.

If the Sens do pick up a forward, I'd expect Schubert to bump Corvo from the top 6. But I couldn't see the likes of Sopel knocking anyone out of Ottawa's top 7 D.

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