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Voodoolady: A Star is Born


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I think in Little Miss Sunshine, this was called "Building the Buzz."

I'm so excited, though! Ooh! ooh! ooh! Let's see that star-power, Voodoolady! Whatever Voodoodarlin' is pimpin', I'll take a dozen, please! (is it a 7 step program? A 9 step program? Maybe a 13-step program?) C'mon already, show us the money shot!!!

(hmmmm...did I mention I'm on pharmies?)

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[not a hijack just an explanation]CJ just about broke her leg off yesterday going down an ice-slide and finally saw a doctor today who's got her on heavy-duty painkillers for a month[/not a hijack just an explanation]

Back to your regularly scheduled hype :) . And whatever it is, I'll take a dozen too.

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