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Bluetooth Headsets


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From my experience in cell phone sales I find that Bluetooth headset performance can vary depending on the brand of headset and the brand of your phone. A headset that pairs well with the RAZR will not necessarily pair well with the Chocolate. As a general rule I have noticed the most customer satisfaction with plantronics products as a rule. The best headset I've ever tried was made by Shure, the company that makes amps and stuff. The one I tried was wired as I had an older model phone when I tried it, but the sound was crystal clear and because of the structure of the earbud it cut out all background noise. When you buy your headset, ask about the return policy. I know that the Wireless Wave will take your accessories back for a full refund as long as you bring back all the packaging and the receipt.

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the three in comparison are:

The Jawbone ($120)


this one apparently has a little nipple sensor that sits on your cheek. it senses the vibration of your voice and only broadcasts when you speak, cutting down on background noise. it's big and dumb looking.

Samsung WEP410 ($110)


this one is small and apparently pretty clever, although it still makes you look like an idiot.

Jabra JX10 ($179)


this one has a futuristic charging stand and is smaller than the jawbone. apparently it made the tester sound like a genius. regardless, you have to hang it on your ear to use it.

not the most helpful i know... it was in Esquire

enjoy your cyborg years.

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there was a dr who episode this past season where they visited an alternate earth. everyone had this device on one of their ears that turned out to be some insidious alien mind control device.

willy, i salute you for realizing that these headsets look silly in public and are absolutely a good idea for in car. you were on about a new car recently, lots of them now come bluetooth hands free enabled. you can talk to your rearview mirror and hear through your stereo.

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