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Elliott Brood


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Just a quick note to say that Elliott Brood absolutely SLAYED in Moncton last night.

It's been a couple years since I've seen these guys and their sound has certainly come a long way in that time. Very full sound coming from just two acoustic guitars (or banjo & acoustic) and suitcase for a kick drum.

Great line from Northern Wish - "If I hadn't gone out last night, my headache would be worse than this hangover - cause I would have beaten the shit out of myself."

Death country. Fuck yeah.

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I would do just about anything to see these guys again.

They played DAWSON CITY music festival up here a couple years ago, and blew my socks off!!!! wait a minute,,,,,,,i was already wearing sandals............. anyway....

they are truly amazing, on my top five list for sure!!!!!!!

OH ALBERTA....one of the best tunes EVER!!

take care,


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