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Grateful Dead tribute songs for you


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This sounds really nice.

how are these being recorded? Curious as there are so many ways to capture and mix music. I do wonder if there is enough home recording setups on this board to setup a forum dedicated to questions and answers on the topic.

I'm just figuring out how to use an iMac these days with Garageband.

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Thanks much!

I use Sonar Producer 6 with lots of plugins and soft synths. I'm going into a Creative labs X Fi soundcard.....

I have a single 57 mic, a Roland GK3 midi pickup for my guitar to make the synth and keyboard sounds (as I can't play keys sadly-even though I own a player piano-but then it plays itself anyway), a Yamaha DD-55c so I can play drums into the computer as well as a Creative Labs Prodikeys keyboard with touch sensitive keys just because I could buy it here in town for $40....

I would like to see an area for folks to talk about (home) recording and for more to get into it in general. I would highly recommend it to people who like to write songs as a way to easily (relatively) realize those songs that may be in their heads (hearts) or just on paper.

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I'm not sure how garageband works but with my stuff I find it important to keep the music in line with the measures and tempo so you can quantize the midi data if you find you have drifted off the timing.

I would find a drum pattern that was close enough to the song to keep the tempo until I get a few tracks down and then actually play the drum parts on the Yamaha as I use it as an electronic drum set rather than a drum machine...though it could be used as such. Of course you could edit the drum parts with a keyboard or note by note in the music program to get what you like.

It's very hard to put in a drum loop and add lots of different instrument parts that sync up unless you align it properly with the measures of your music program....eventually some parts will go out of sync and it's harder than you may think to find which part is off (if you have many)....


I would say that you have some good advice there though I don't think it matters much whether you go the Mac or PC route....I have a PC and many soundmen I know with studios use PCs as well...some use Macs of course but it doesn't really matter much anymore. Macs are usually suggested for people who don't know much about computers and don't want to learn....PCs are more customizable...depends which you prefer...

You'll want a good computer with probably a couple gigs of ram and lots of hard drive space....a dvd burner or something to back stuff up because I can tell you the pain of losing months worth of work is not pleasant...

I would suggest an M Audio soundcard of some sort....you may find one with a built in pre amp for not too much money. I stuck to Creative Labs simply because I have been using certain Soundfonts for years that will only work with their card but I would think M Audio would be a better soundcard in general...lower latency etc...

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I've just uploaded a slight remix of Highway; the snare drum was driving me nuts so I remixed it a bit....not much of a change I know but there it is.

I have a friend who has some web space so some day-hopefully soonish I will be uploading a couple 'albums' worth of tunes. Of course they're not all Grateful Dead tribute sings but they are still by a Deadhead and hopefully Deadheads will enjoy them....

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hey, I used to check your shows out a lot in the '90s in Ottawa. Liked them a lot. Some of the stuff with your bluegrass band (with Eric Lackey and Terry Joe) was particularly fun. Did you record any of that?

Can't seem to stream anything because of my connection here, so sorry if that's the stuff that's already up.

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