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Chez Lucien


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I went here the other night...corner of Dalhousie and Murray.

Smallish menu, but awesome grub and the choices they give you are terrific. I had the Pear and Brie burger. Plus they got GOOD beers.

Someone elses review:

I have been here a number of times already and it's, hands down, my favourite pub in the overpriced Byward Market. And that's why I like it. Good burgers are available for $7. They make a rocking Croque Monsieur for the same price. The menu is limited but what I have eaten is great. Plus, they always have an interesting special... Also, great microbrews on tap — St. Amboise Pale Ale is always a sign the place is worth frequenting — and a free jukebox, with plenty of jazz.

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Went here a lot when it first opened, haven't been back much lately but it always seems to be packed -- good for them. Small but great beer lineup, especially for an Ottawa pub. "Better than pub" food too.

They have Never Mind the Bollocks in the jukebox and I always make sure to give "Bodies" a spin. ;)

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yeah i like that place a lot. never eaten there, have always been in late at night, but good beers and good prices.

my one complaint is the ventilation - in the summer that place can be like a sauna.

but can't win them all.

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that's one of my fave places.

love that the jukebox is FREE and stocked with great tunes.

love that they give you a little salad AND some fries

and that they do a tasty tofu burger


and they got a woodstove in the front sunroom area so the space isn't so cold in the winter... maybe they'll invest in improving the summer situation too ?

oh, and the owner drives a sweet older volvo wagon like me. ya, this is my kind of place. :)

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