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Musical reminiscing... Can you spot the StoneMtn?


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That was taken at Ildiko's. Before that it was called The Bridge. It was one of the main venues at the time.

I was there most weekends from about 85 to 87.

I never actually heard of the place.

while we are musical reminiscing...

I frequented places like The Turning Point, Larry’s Hideaway, Beverly Tavern, Rivoli, Horseshoe, Cameron House, Cabana Room

I grabbed that list from here

I also remember seeing Black Flag at the Party Room, which was on Jarvis, just north of Queen IIRC (near the Record Peddler) above some pawn shops.

I didn't see that many local bands though. Mostly touring acts. I went to a few hardcore Sundays at Larrys (my favourite venue of the time). The only local bands that I recall seeing a few times are bunchofuckingoofs, teenage head, deja voodoo

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Well here's another interesting anecdote...

Steve Goof (real name Steve Johnston) from the Bunchofuckingoofs is my cousin.

Based on the stuff you saw, I'm surprised you were never at Ildiko's. Lots of small bands played there, but also touring acts. I saw DRI there, Scream, Dag Nasty, SNFU, and lots of others.

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