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ok I had a problem very similar to this a while ago with a bunch of cd's.

It turns out the cd was corrupt and it was crashing my drive. ya weird. but what happened was I would put the cd in and it would do nothing and then I could not even open other cd's on it for a while until I reset the computer with the cd out and reinstalled the drive.

I dunno if that will help you. but it worked for me. I then had to find all the cd's that did that. funny thing was they were all from a batch of cheap blanks I had bought. so I just didn;t use them.

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"good" or "bad", xp is xp, there's no difference, the only thing is if you feel guilty or not.

By used to work, you mean it stopped working one day? Was there anything in particular that you can recall happening at the same time?

Does it refuse to play ALL cd's/dvd's? I once bought two spindles of blank dvd's, 50 on each, and when I tried to burn then, about 10 worked (that's two seperate spindles, all defective except for about 10 and I tried burining them all I was so pissed).

Have you tried pulling out the drive, booting windows without it then putting it back in? Best if you have another drive. Pull them both out, switch them (don't forget to change the master/slave jumpers on them). That will force windows to see them and reinstall them.

What's the exact make/model of the burner?

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Bad drive, send it back or just suck in the gut and get another one.

If you're really adventurous (and it's what I would do as the last thing before getting another one), reinstall windows entirely.

If you decide to go that route, make sure to talk to me first (pm me)

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