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Landyachtz Rocks, my first Board was a landyachtz, (wedge flex, one of the first ones ever made) awesome guys too. I still have my board and I still ride it, once a car ran over it, didn't break....

The drop carve looks amazing, keeps you super low to the ground, less leg fatigue for the long hauls and up hills, we are designing a drop thru but it is far from finished, then we need make it, to ride it and try and smash it up, see how it holds up...it's just so hard to get motivated with all the snow.

If you have any questions feel free to email me. We've only sold about 50 so far, mostly in Canada, through one shop and few customs in the states, but we have done so much research....we know most companies and the guys who build them.

We made one last summer, 7 feet long and shipped it to BC, the guy invited us to his wedding...I could hardly lift it. I saw some guy last year at about 8am, on his board in a jacket and tie, on Bank street in Ottawa, with a box of Captain Crunch and he was pouring it into his mouth as he rode to work...lol I love longboarders.

Ahhh getting a board with new wheels, never been ridden, there is almost nothing better then that, almost.

Thanks for the words Jay...you're the first longboarder I ever met


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