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Stage6 is dead. Long live...

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Stage6, the higher quality alternative to YouTube, shut down last week. It's really a pity because there was a TON of great videos, full concerts, movies, etc... I managed to download only a handful of shows before the shut-down came into effect.

So does anybody know what the new video streaming site of choice is?

There is YouTube of course, but the quality is dubious and file length is limited.

Dailymotion is decent quality, but it's kinda thin on live music.

Veoh.com is the site being pimped by Stage6 as the de facto replacement, but I don't really like VEOH because buffering times are long, and the quality is nowhere near that of Stage6.

What does everyone else use??

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Guest Low Roller

Quicksilverscreen.com actually linked most of its content from Stage6. They are rebuilding by redirecting to Google Video, Megavideo, and Veoh, all of which are subpar compared to Stage6.


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