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Any nerds out there toying with iPhone SDK?


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This shit is really cool. wow! The iPhone is seriously a new platform. In Canada, we do have the iPod Touch which can leverage the same apps, but we're limited to wifi. When the day comes where we can use an iPhone and a cell network, this is going to be incredible.

I'm playing with the SDK and it is really and bizzarily easy to work with.

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mobile phone plans are still too expensive for me to bother with an iPhone at this time. I have a feeling that when apple officially breaks it out here, they might have negotiated a plan that I'm willing to pay for. if I ever need to call someone, there is always a phone handy. Everyone has a freaking phone.

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i go to see an iphone in action and play with it a bit last week. i'm totally in love with it. it's awesome!

there are lots of iphone updates and unlock things and lots of other geeky stuff to be found at www.geekboy.ca

edit to add a little teaser from geekboy

If you were waiting to jailbreak, unlock, and/or activate your version 1.1.4 iPhone … wait no more. And if you already have an unlocked phone and you are on an older version, now is a great time to upgrade to 1.1.4 . In either case, just head on over to the unlock page and follow the three easy steps. You will be pleased to find that, because of a couple of new tweaks in Zibri’s unlocking code, the process is now simpler than ever.

Also, since a number of people asked, I am re-posting the settings to get EDGE networking up and running in Canada. It’s back on the unlock page, but I’ll also dump it here for lazy people who don’t want to take the time and effort to click … and for the benefit of any search engines in the crowd:


APN: internet.com

Username: wapuser1

Password: wap


APN: wap.fido.ca

Username: fido

Password: fido

Primary gateway IP:

Port: 8080


Use the static IP and login information that you were given with the SIM card when you first got it. Telus does not use the APN method, so if you don’t have the IP you are screwed. Sorry.

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