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Quiet around here....


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Who still sings the Ole song for chrissakes....

It's still a thousand times better than Cotten-Eyed Joe.

Those BOTH blow.

The Leafs definitely hired somebody from Woodbridge to choose the songs at the ACC. :P

That Ole shit just makes me cringe. I'm always expecting a soccer ball to come out and see Ricky Martin singing in the crowd. Does it make them feel "Euro" or something? I'm surprised they don't whistle instead of booing ;)

I tell ya, the last few times I went to see hockey at the ACC and Scotiabank Place the crowds were pretty lame unless there was a fight. My last game in Montreal was for the final match at the old building between Toronto and Montreal and it was AMAZING!!!! No Ole Ole shit THAT night :)

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maybe it gets boring chanting Go Go! good chant and all but when its all you got it gets a bit stale.

Ole chant is great... its called atmosphere people.

and they actually do it without getting told to on the scoreboard.. crazy eh.

KanadaKev - you are not welcome on any wagon.. go down with the sinking ship. ;)

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Bunch of wankers on the rag ;)

Are y'all gonna make it to Friday when the Habs play again? A few days off and the biggest thing to argue about is a soccer chant at a hockey game!

Hey, I'll give you this. I'd rather hear Ole Ole than when they used to always play The Happy Wanderer on the organ ALL the time.

Bring back "Les Canadiens Sont La" during the games.

Grab a drink ... hit the bong ... reeeeelaaaax a little :)

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