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NHL Awards - seatfillers needed

Kanada Kev

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Don't say I don't think of you fuckers. Here's your chance to get into the NHL Award Show next week. I did this last year and it was easy. Got to see tons of NHL legends. Respond to the email at the top of the quote:

Seatfilling Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming a seatfiller for the 2008 NHL Awards.

Seat filling is a game of musical chairs it will not make a difference if you are first in line or seventy seventh in line. It is all luck; no one knows what seat will open up.

This is not a ticket to the event and we cannot guarantee that you will see all of the show.

All participants must submit their first and last name, and email address.

Due to onsite security we cannot allow you to switch names at the check in point.

There are still a few spots left and you and your friends must send in their request before Monday, June 9 at NOON, they will receive a confirmation from us.

~Audience Team


~Audience Team


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