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Photos & Audio of Disco Biscuits in Buffalo : updated

Jay Funk Dawg

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This was a wild one - let me tell ya!

Free concert downtown Buffalo - and what a crowd - I think there was 10,000 people! We got there just in time for Biscuits and they were awesome. They played two curious covers that drove the crowd into a frenzy - first was Killing in the Name of... by Rage Against The Machine - then Lithium by Nirvana.

Their own songs got better as the night progressed - their guitarist and keyboardist really brought the jams to some great places - far out twisted and wacky - the crowd loved it. They played two long sets. Nice to see a couple Can-jamers there.

On the last song - it started to rain - and not lightly! It was a downpour - now imagine 10,000 + people running for cover! Madness!!

Definitely a different vibe in Buffalo - really was nice to see so many people out - the Jam scene is way alive in NY State - I'm definitely going to check out some more of their free concert series!

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...the Jam scene is way alive in NY State...

I've noticed this in the US quite a bit (shows in FL, NY and MI this year) but have only started to notice because of the huge difference from Canada to there. Dying here, thriving there. Seriously invigorating to go see a show at the Town Ballroom and feel the old energy :)

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