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NXNE Toronto


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Evan Dando @ The Horseshoe

Hotkid @ Neutral Lounge

Ladyhawk @ The Horseshoe

L.A. Guns @ Bovine Sex Club!

NQ Arbuckle @ Dakota Tavern

Revival Dear @ Cadillac Lounge

Spiral Beach @ The Horseshoe

Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy @ C'est What

The D'Ubervilles - The Horseshoe

The John Henrys @ Dakota Tavern

White Cowbell Oaklahoma @ The Hoseshoe

Lots of great shows!

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It feels like the NXNE organizers piggybacked onto the MMJ show next week. In that case, I'll be at one NXNE gig. I can't make The John Henrys since I work nights this week... but I'd love to hear back from anyone who shells out to see that lunatic Evan Dando.

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We are thinking about going but I am not sure if wristbands would be worth it.

Last year it seemed like the big shows were tough to get into unless you were there very early and stayed all night.

I am also a bit confused about how many wristbands they will let into each show.

I know only 50 are allowed in for MMJ so you'd have to line up to get in with a pass.

Here are some other bands that are playing (other than those already listed):

Pride Tiger, Redd Cross, Royal Wood, Sloan, Teenage Lead (Dundas Square), Besnard Lakes, High Dials, Meligrove Band, Stills, Trews acoustic, Two-hours Traffic, Bedouin Soundclash.

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Maybe, but the fest has never been mentioned on the MMJ wedsite, which I find is a little strange. I'm friends with a Toronto-based friend of the band and she didn't know anything about the NXNE connection either. I don't care one way or the other; it's good on the festival and good on MMJ.

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the MMJ show is technically after NXNE is finished which is strange, even though they're on the website etc

oh well. not like they need the cache of playing a regional industry fest - they sold out Radio City in 22 minutes.

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These are the bands I would go see that aren't already mentioned (although I wouldn't go see some of the bands that are mentioned);


Rural Alberta Advantage (The Boat)


Big Rude Jake (Tattoo Rock parlour)



Canteen Knockout (Dakota)


The Champion Heartache (C'est What)


THE BROWN HORNETS ...love this band



HOLOSCENE ( Velvet Underground)...love this band too


Escalate (The Rex)


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