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Wellington Gastropub


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Mike and I ate at Wellington Gastropub FINALLY. We've only been talking about going for a year or so.

Tonight we had plenty to celebrate. We sold our home, bought our mid-life dream home and have been married for our first whole year!

The meal started with the fresh baked baguette and oil/balsamic combo that most restaurants do, what set the WGP apart was just how fresh the artisan bread was and the side of sea salt. Delish. The appletini cocktail was fresh. Not the flourescent and sour green that we normally get, but yellow, sweet and made from fresh apples you could easily tell.

Mike's starter was tuna, coated in panko and nori. Cooked rare and tender. Served with a pear, mango salsa. It was damn near sashimi perfection.

Perfection of course was my starter. I am salivating just typing about it again. Fois Gras mousse and crustinis with a rubarb compote. I seriously thought about licking the ramikin. It was creamy and deliciously fatty. I could have left the restaurant completely satisfied right then and there.

We ordered a bottle of Niagra wine and the waitress brought us a sip saying "I was hopeful for your meal and then you ordered the only wine on the menu that I don't like!" after a sample sip of it, I agreed and we started over and chose another. I'm so glad we did. She was right.

Mike's main was scallops over a bed of mashed celery root with roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

My main was duck with a rubarb mash, green beans and shitake mushrooms. I order duck wherever I am when I see it on the menu. It's one of my favorite meats that we never seem to make at home (okay once, but it was actually kinda messy with all the fat rendering). Anyway.... it was as good as everything else. A perfect texture of meat and fat, lightly seasoned and served with a combination I certainly wouldn't have approached on my own but it was incredible.

Dessert was their homemade ice cream. 3 different kinds in one bowl served with an edible spoon. I may screw this up, but I think that one was tirimisu, the second was peanut butter and caramel (homemade caramel BTW), and the third... lychee/rhubarb?

Anyway here's how good the service was. On our plate was written "Happy Anniversary." I guess the waitress overheard us "Cheersing" each other and took it upon herself.

SO long story short (and for you people who just scrolled to the last paragraph) 6 stars out of 5. the food is high brow but disguises itself as approachable and everyday, and the service is casual and everyday on the outside but really 5 star, white glove on the inside. We'll be back.

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