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12:00 today on CBC Radio - "Jamaican Echos" the stoy of DUB

Jay Funk Dawg

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On June 29, 2008, tune in to Inside The Music on CBC Radio to hear "Jamaican Echoes". This groundbreaking, hour long documentary traces the spread of dub from an accident in a Jamaican recording studio to the four corners of the Earth. It will be broadcast on Radio 2 at noon and Radio 1 at 8PM

Interviews with historians, musicians and engineers explain how dub, once the instrumental counterpart to reggae, has changed popular music around the world. Dub is the heart of remix culture. It has become an international music, yet its descendents continue to be inspired by its Jamaican innovations. Dub isn’t just a musical remix, it’s a social remix.

Jamaican Echoes features a continuous mix of music spanning five decades to bring its narrative and interviews to life. Jamaican Echoes is both entertaining and insightful in bringing this underappreciated but widely influential musical concept to a national audience.

Featuring interviews with:

Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound - Depeche Mode, Primal Scream)

Bill Laswell (Global dub innovator - Fela Kuti, Motorhead, Herbie Hancock)

Twilight Circus (M Records - Michael Rose, Big Youth, Queen Ifrica)

Clifton Joseph (Dubzzz poet at large - CBC, Dub Poets Collective)

Dubmatix (Nu dub from Toronto – new disc features Alton Ellis, Sugar Minott)

Leroy Sibbles (All-time reggae legend! Heptones, Studio One bassist)

Michael Veal (Author; Dub: Soundscapes And Shattered Songs In Jamaican Reggae)

Jamaican Echoes is hosted by Lauren "DJ Chocolate" Speers and written/produced/edited by David Dacks.

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