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We need another Bluesfest thread


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Dear phorbesie,

Please understand that it takes several beers to puke. Perhaps what you're eating before hand might be the issue. Try more processed foods. Cheeze-Whiz or to a lesser extent Cheese-tastic. Both are delicious. Anything that includes the word "nacho" is also good. This includes any Dorito product. I hope things go better for you tonight at Boozefest or whatever it's called. Two beers is always just a sad way to go. :(

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hehehe thanks :)

i have a weak tummy and once it bounces off track, it doesn't always get back on track so good. i can most definitely get sick off even one draft beer! i'm sure i've whined around here before about it.

i'm sure the greasy samosa didn't help matters though.

from now on....SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS!!! :)

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