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Friday, January 23rd, 2009 : JSB @ EL MOCAMBO : NEW DVD

Jay Funk Dawg

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Friday, Jan. 23, 09



www.nufunk.ca presents:

The Jimmy Swift Band DVD Release


with SOS (Scientists of Sound)

Live Band/DJ JSB Sideproject


Friday, January 23rd, 2008

El Mocambo - 464 Spadina Ave.


$12 Adv. $15 at the Door

Rotate This, Soundscapes, Play De Record & Shanti Baba

online at www.NUFUNK.ca and www.ticketweb.ca

Direct Ticket Link: http://www.ticketweb.ca/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=821114

Facebook Event Link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615535294#/event.php?eid=42773323814


The Jimmy Swift Band


The Jimmy Swift Band's sound is a fusion of the best in both rock and electronic music. The result is the creation of something different than anything else, a style uniquely JSB. Their live show is a frenzy of sweat, blood, dancing, and thrashing – all to hypnotic rhythms and an unrelenting energy that is both addictive and unstoppable.

The JSB are currently touring in support their new Live Concert DVD filmed at The Marquee Club in Halifax. Performed in front of JSB’s hometown crowd and captured in Hi-Definition, this DVD brings the excitement and energy that has become known, loved and expected of the JSB across Canada. The DVD was filmed and produced by Hemmings House Pictures and a pre-release preview will be available for streaming on aliant.net/entertainment on January 5. The JSB will follow up this Live DVD with their fourth studio release in spring 2009. For both projects the band has embraced even further the electronic elements that have always been a big part of their live show's popularity while holding strong to their love of dirty rock and roll - its Daft Punk on Jaggermeister – Iron Maiden on Ecstasy…

The Jimmy Swift Band is truly an anomaly within the Canadian music industry - they are unsigned yet have made a living playing music, a success story made possible by the actions of their fans and one clearly judged on the strength of their music alone. On stage JSB's energy has always been focused on the audience – on turning a Saturday night concert into an unforgettable experience. You will likely never see or hear anything like The Jimmy Swift Band anywhere else, and you will never walk away from another show feeling like you did the last time you saw the JSB.


SOS (Scientists of Sound)

Live Band/DJ JSB Sideproject


What Happens Behind the Masks?

Scientists of Sound is the "looping madness duo" comprised of keyboardist Aaron Collier and guitarist Craig Mercer of the The Jimmy Swift Band. Their high energy live show is a four-on-the-floor-ho-down with Collier manning a spaceship's worth of knobs, keys and buttons to produce beats, bass lines and synth hooks while Mercer plots their course for utter chaos with looping guitar riffs, dense layered textures and melodies. The two work in tandem to perform live vocoder vocals with Mercer on the microphone and Collier keying out the melody on his synth. The costumed duo is a live dance party where the dude with the laptop hiding what he's actually doing is replaced with real musicians playing what you hear and bearing all.

for more info visit:



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coming up!

from their facebook page -

Hello there friends!

Some news for you all here... So you probably haven't heard much from us lately - been wondering where we were? No? Then bite me... but for those who were well let me tell you - we have been busy...

So we are ALMOST done this DVD thing that we have been promising to get out forever now... bad news is it is not quite done yet - good news is that it totally exceeded all of our expectations - definitely a definitive snapshot of what a jsb show is... I think you will like...

Our new album is coming along nicely as well... You may have heard about a remix album but this is much more than that - yes it is a remix album in part, but it also has a bunch of new tracks (lets say certainly more than 5 - just to be safe) AND it is going to be a DOUBLE ALBUM!! WTFWTF?? That's right - twice the jjssbb...

On a much sadder note, this weekend's shows will be the last for our drummer and compadre Nick Wombolt. Nick’s been a big part of what has been the jsb these past few years and we wish him well in his future endeavors… we’ll miss his sarcasm and sense of humor dearly... and his awesome drumming of course. But don't worry - we will be announcing the new drummer in the coming weeks and will be debuting what will likely be a bit of a new sound at the end of november for a brief east coast run...

Does anyone know who the new drummer is??

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The new drummer's name is Doug Cameron. I am not familiar with any projects he has been involved in previous to JSB.

The JSB's November 29th show from Halifax is on the archives and features the new drummer.

If that show is any indication I think he'll be a good fit although I really enjoyed the intensity Nick brought to their sound.

Hoping for some Alberta dates to be announced soon and really can't wait for the DVD!

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It looks like a full tour has been booked; the Ottawa/Quebec run looks like:

20 Jan 2009 / Guelph, Ontario / Vinly / with SOS

21 Jan 2009 / Hamilton, Ontario / Pepper Jack’s / with Gruve, SOS

22 Jan 2009 / Peterbrough, Ontario / The Montreal House / with SOS

23 Jan 2009 / Toronto, Ontario / El Mocambo / with SOS

24 Jan 2009 / Ottawa, Ontario / Maverick’s / with SOS

25 Jan 2009 / Montreal, Quebec / Petite Cafe Campus / with SOS

It also looks like Acres is on the bill for the Ottawa date.



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