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Switching from PC to MAC help!


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This weekend I'm going to buy a MAC book pro. I'm going to upgrade my hard drive space on it. Any suggestions on what else I should or could upgrade.

Anything I can read, online tutorials or a good book to help me with adjusting?

I have question like is there a different torrent program I should be running, can I still run utorrent? Will my Iphone and ipod work no problem on my MAC even though it was set to a PC before.

So, any help would be much appreciated!

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I use transmission's a great one to use - not too robust though. iPhone and iPod will have to be re-synced with the mac and you will lose all synced info like itunes, etc, but all apps and phone numbers should be all right.

Don't up grade the RAM - it's WAAAY too expensive. You can buy laptop RAM at most computer stores these days that is 1/4 the price that Apple charges.

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Best suggestion for getting use to the mac is to just use it... if you find yourself stuck with anything just post on here on on one of the apple forums or google it and you should find an answer pretty quickly

You could use utorrent...

but I highly suggest using Vuze.

It will automatically detect what ISP you are on and change its settings accordingly (such as to avoid the traffic shaping of rogers) and even has a built in media server to streat over your network to itunes / ps3's etc...

With the upgrading the ram... it is way expensive but the apple stuff is DDR 3... and you will hve to upgrade with only DDR 3... which is expensive wherever you get it... Make sure your system has at least 4 gigs coming out of apple and you are good to go.

With the hard drive get the bigger size but make sure it is also 7200 rpm!

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When your get your mac I think the first thing you should do is go to (apple icon in top left corner) > system preferences > trackpad or keyboard & mouse (if you buy a mouse). From there you can set up things like right click and figure gestures. If I remember right I don't think they are setup right away and something like having right click is the first thing that pc users miss

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