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YES! So we had a good sized raclette party tonight and it was AWESOME. In terms of food items the textures and flavours were wonderful. Simple but intoxicating. I can still see and taste everything we had.

Icing on the cake was marinated strips of fresh moose meat. We used a variety of cheeses for melting that, in the end, were like adding adding salt and pepper to the dish; simply adding to the flavour but also adding a binding element of Texture that was over-the-top.

Of course the classic pickled onion, gherkin, potato and cheese was present but we had a variety of other ingredients such as: salmon, mushroom, prosciutto, peppers, caramelised onion/garlic/shallot, breads, swiss farmers sausage, garlic sausage, green onion and a bunch of other stuff.

What a way to spend a New Years Day afternoon and evening.

Anyone else Raclette??

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much like d_rawk

While I most certainly am amazing, rustic, delicious and lovable (I have to step aside from the 'simple' though .. I'm annoyingly complex), I think your ear might want to be an inch or two closer to the grapevine.

On Raclette -- I feel inspired. Seems like a fun project.

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