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The Slip - jan 2, 2010 download

Big Wooly Mammoth

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After more than a decade of work as a band, at the end of 2007 The Slip went on hiatus. Two years later, they are back. At Sullivan Hall on Saturday night, guitarist/vocalist Brad Barr announced in the middle of their longest show in two years that the band was actively recording new material and would play many shows in 2010. Throughout the two-set show The Slip performed several of these newer songs, but satisfied the packed crowd with best-ever quality versions of the classic material — “Children of Decemberâ€, “Wolof†and the thirteen-minute “Paper Birds†in particular. If this epic show is any indication, 2010 will be a banner year for The Slip.

We recorded this set from the left side elevated seating area fifteen feet from the PA. While the raised area gave us a direct line to the stacks, albeit off-center, there is persistent crowd chatter on this recording. With that caveat, enjoy!

Dan records LOTS of great stuff, and his recordings are usually of great quality.

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