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NHL realignment


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Me, too. As I said in the general NHL thread, I especially like the fact that each team plays every other team at least twice. It paints a more accurate picture of who the strongest teams are at the end of the regular season, and means that fans in every market will, at least theoretically, have a chance to see their favourite non-local player come to town, which can only help build the brand.

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This is being done to address travel concerns for teams, which makes sense 100%... The Western teams have been getting screwed for years due to crazy travel schedules.

But does no one else see having two 7 team conferences and two 8 team conferences as very unbalanced and unfair to those in 8 team conferences? The 4 conferences are supposed to be completely separate from each other, so no East West at all... 4 teams from each conference make the playoffs regardless of total points. You will have a team in fifth place with 96 points missing the playoffs while a 4th place team slides into the playoffs with 84 points or something.

But hey, all of this works in my team's favour, just cant believe the "Western" teams will go for it as the lessening of travel trumps potentially missing the playoffs after a pretty good (a la 96 pts or so) season.

This is all about travel only as far as I can tell.

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