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Now I'm sure that there's a thread somewhere about the best zombie movies and shows, but I'm too lazy to search. Has anyone been watching The Walking Dead? I'm really enjoying it and Les (who never watches horror movies, ever) has been watching it too and she loves it. Slow for sure, but are there any other zombie movies out there that make such a big deal out of character development? I'm over the hack and slash, it's lame and unimaginative, but this stuff is fun, and it gets in ya. I can't stop planning for the zombie apocalypse. I told her to get a "go" bag ready.

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Romero's first three Living Dead films (the real trilogy) is all about character development (and social commentary/satire).

Now, he didn't have the same amount of time to really flush out characters like you do on a TV series, but the individuals dealing with the zombies was just as important to him as the blood and gore.

Add that to the commentary on racism, consumerism and the military-industrial complex and you have your self some fine cinema.

28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead also provide excellent viewing for character development and social commentary. I could write an entire essay on the character development in Shaun of the Dead, but I won't :)

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