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U.F. Prodcutions

Stephen Franke

Noises from the Toolshed

Wensday Nov. 19th

@ Pepper Jack's

38 king william st.


Stephen Franke & Noises from the Toolshed Around the time that jazz developed into a global experience, the jazz underground started to provide an arena for harmonious celebration. Participants experience the joy of witnessing a sound which externalises the chaos of the human experience; where the years of secret societies and music counter cultures have met and rejoiced; where today thousands of people are gathering to experience a beat; where tomorrow’s music is given a stage and escapes through the cracks in the sidewalk into the minds of the young at heart. This is where Stephen starts making some noise. But what’s he building in there?????? The music at a Stephen Franke concert offers a glimpse of the foundation and the skyline: A place where jazz accepts the varieties of gospel, mariachi, blues/hip-hop and bop; where singing and shouting are welcome. Stephen Franke has left audiences amazed and inspired throughout his years touring with Gnu and the Ragtime Millionaires. In every corner of the Canadian heartland, Stephen Franke reaches out to audiences with his mastery of the guitar, his expressive convictions and illustrative charm. From the dance hall to the concert hall, these four technicians have been turning heads by setting a new standard for song-writing and instrumental fusion. If listening is your pleasure, Noises from the Toolshed can deliver the shiver. This groove theory is coming to deliver…move your mind to the sound, shake ‘em on down, or stamp your feet on the ground…It really doesn’t matter. Stephen Franke: Guitarist, Singer Chris Van Sickle: 88 keys and Hammond Organ Dan Mock: Bass Brent Norman: Drums

more info here

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This band will kill your shit guaranteed. Their collective musical talent far surpasses any other band from western Canada. Each member is a top notch trained musician - Stephen is a SICK guitarist. They used to sound a bit too 'adult contemporary' for me, but recently they've been getting darker and have been blowing minds all over the place. The sound is kinda like Phish's songs 'The Landlady' or 'Stash' - a bit Latin jazz/classical sounding, but they can JAM and get dark and scary as well. (definate Phish influence, but not too much) There's not much singing if any at all - it's really all about the players. Check out the Wurlitzer organ he has with him - he customized it himself for easier transport - pretty cool.

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