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ISO: Suitcases (ottawa/toronto)


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Hey all :)

If you have any suitcases you no longer use and would be interested in donating, I'd be happy to come and collect them from you (in Ottawa anytime, and I'll be in Toronto next weekend).

An organization I volunteer with, Not Just Tourists, sends medical supplies to countries in need. One way that we do this is to fill suitcases with supplies and send them along with travellers. There have been a lot of supplies sent out recently, which is great! However, we now need more suitcases!

Here's what constitutes the ideal suitcase: medium-sized, soft-sided, on casters/wheels, fairly clean and in good cosmetic shape. We also need the odd larger suitcase for travellers able to carry larger loads. The other items regularly requested are carry-on bags for smaller supply loads.

If you've got anything suitable, please let me know! Thanks!

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