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PHiSH ROLL CALL(S) !!! @#$#@!#%


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I'm a lil too freakin' excited for this run... haven't been this pumped for a while. Finally got my head outta the gouda and ready to go phishin'!

So where is everybody staying at the upcoming shows?!

Philly - extendedstay

albany moe. (11/30) - undecided

albany phish - ?

boston - hampton inn for now, possible residence inn soon...

See ya'll ontheroad!

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Here goes,

Nassau ->

Coliseum Motor Inn

1650 Hempstead Tpke

East Meadow, NY 11554


Philly -> we're just gonna drive towards Albany and get a hotel on the way or might go to NYC to catch the New Deal and pick up my brother

Albany ->

Crowne Plaza Hotel

10 Eyck Plaza


Boston ->

Holiday Inn Select

5 Blossom St.


All these hotels are w/n walking distance.

also for the albany/boston hotels I might have an extra room booked. I will know later tonight forsure.

Looking forward to this run. Gonna hear some great music

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this topic!

Somehow, even though I'm on their mailing list, it had completely slipped under my radar that moe. was playing in Albany the night before Phish!

A quick TM check reveals that (good, I think) seats are still available. I checked with my travelling companions (who also didn't knoe. about the shoe.), and this looks like a go for us!

Gad, moe., Phish (front row Phish, ta boot! [big Grin] ), more Phish! Then maybe NYC for a day or two, then maybe Dr. H and Electric Meat in Toronto...

Whoops...drooling on the keyboard...I'll stop now...



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The best thing about the venue moe. is playing in, is that its a beautiful theatre, with spacious aisles AND wide seat aisles & seats.. and the staff/ushers openly admit to leaving their posts after 2 songs!! ITs a free for all... I was riding the rail in albany cheese even tho my tix were somewhere int he balcony.

can't wait. i love this venue..

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I desperately need a place to crash in Nassau. We'll (myself and mister slippery) will throw some coin down to take up some floor space in a hotel room, we just can't afford a whole room. We'll gladly split though. please lemme know if anyone can help.

Also- Phil and Friends on the 30th vs. moe on the 30th. oh boy.

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I'm in for Albany Phish. I'll be staying with Sloth, across the street from the venue. Don't know about kmow* the day before, probably can't afford it. Looking forward to seeing y'all at Phish though.

I remember the days when the only people I knew at an out-of-town show were the people I arrived with. I like that I invariably run into you folks at shows everywhere now.

* right back atcha brdam.

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For those going to Albany, listen up!

If you're seeing moe. on Sunday, Nov. 30, know that Lynch is playing after moe., and featuring Vinnie and Jim from moe.! It's at Savannah's, which is supposed to be close to the arena. Lynch features a couple of members from Conehead Buddha, if you know (of) that band. I saw Lynch at moe.down, and liked them a lot.

But it gets better...

There's a post-Phish show on Dec. 1 featuring...RAQ!!! The show is also at Savannah's. (There may also be a RAQ-at-Savannah's pre-Phish show, but the RAQ page doesn't mention it.)

(Special thanks to dmayne, who posted the info on JamHub.)



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