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Report from the Road (Basher/Cyberhippie)


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So I just spoke to Basher & Cyberhippie who are headed off to the wilds of Philly to experience The Phish.

They're currently stuck in the steaming depths of hell known as "the QEW on Friday night". They were anticipating the brutal nature of the drive--luckily, Cyberhippie came prepared.

Cyberhippie, in his wisdom and benevolence, brought along a lovely little roach, with which they hoped to improve their collective demeanor & disposition (as has been known to happen upon partaking of the magic herb).

Unfortunately, this plan was ill-fated.

Upon inhaling the first toke, and before Cyberhippie was able to partake, Basher decided to drop the aforementioned j out the window.

Oh, the horror!

Stay tuned for more tales from the road...and be sure to mock Basher mercilessly the next time you see him...and, whatever you do, don't let him get his grubby little hands the last of your stash: Consider yourselves duly warned as to the potential consequences!!

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The QEW has been backed up since this morning,we had to find alternative methods of getting ot & from Toronto today....

Drop the "j" out the window....my god...BOOOOOOO!

Hope thats not a sign of things to come.. [Wink]

{edit add on}

Happy Phishin' guys.

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To clarify:

Trevor sparked the J, and got two healthy pulls.

I got one healthy pull and realized an ashing was required, and there she blowed!

That being said, a kind dude from Lake Placid donated to the cause at the Seapods show and drops us a good nug. The drive today to Philly was FINE!

T-minus 10 minutes until we head to the lot - have a good night all!

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I loved the show - except for the shit bomb of the Friday encore - I called it a mile away.

Jams were great in the second set - asterisk is for Tom Marshall on vocals.

Makisupa Policeman**

**Trey says that this is the first official Phish song and Tom Marshall wrote it in 1969 - he said "Pish has a sixties song!"

Great time - I wanna go to Boston.

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Oh the horror! Luckily due to the highly intoxicating properties of the white skunk, I was in not too bad shape after having lit it. It was pretty funny though, as soon as basher dropped the J, there was a split second twitch towards the shoudler. I could see how it mind was working, and we almost ended up pulling onto the shoulder of the fast lane, on the gardner.

All in all it was a great trip! One question though, where the hell was my heady shakedown?

Thanks to PhunkyB, Mister Slippery and a bunch of dudes in Syracuse for helping out! [Wink]

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