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D Dog, MarkWilson, ShoeshineBoys New Years!


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Nero in Ottawa? sounds fantastic!! but Ottawa is a long way away if you live in sunny southwestern Ontario!

why not come to beautiful PORT DOVER instead? you and a freind could spend an action packed night with not one, not two, but three bands!!!


THE SHOESHINE BOYS (rockin high energy psychadelic blues)

MARK WILSON AND THE WAY IT IS (back together for at least one more show)

DIESEL DOG (with special new years eve musical suprises)

The show is at the Brig in Port Dover, and tickets are only $15 in advance/ $20 at the door... This price includes a "hot" buffet.

(likely chicken wings, salads, fries)

Out of town and need advance tickets? NO PROBLEM!!

just email me, ryan@dieseldog.ca and I will personally put YOU on my personal LIST!! that way all you have to do is show up to the door before 10:00pm and claim your speacially priced advance ticket!!!!

There will be an after party, so out of towners bring a pillow (or don't!)

or contact 'ANGELO'S of Dover' for hotel rooms, reasonably priced rooms just up the street...

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Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door

You can get tickets many ways:

1) go to Erie Music in Simcoe, or go to the Norfolk Tavern in Port Dover

2) email me, ryan@dieseldog.ca, and I will put you on an advance ticket list - you get the advance price and can claim (and pay for) your ticket at the door before 10:00pm on New Years Eve

3) contact Mark Wilson in Brantford

4) contact God (at any pre-approved Lutherin or Baptist church) and pray like hell for a miracle

Now MoMack, praying probably won't get you in the door on New Years Eve but you may want to give it a try anyhow as it may open up other more important doors later in life!

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Originally posted by dieseldoug:

There are rooms for rent above Angelo's(on main st.)Pt.Dover. They're pretty cheap.We got all six of them last year and had a blast ALL NIGHT!

Pretty sure they're sold out. I didn't call personally, but someone did on my behalf.

ps. do they still have foot prints on the wall above the bed?

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Are there many tickets left? I think I'm comming down with 10-15 people from Chatham. How can I get advance tickets or get put on a guest list? Can anyone recommend some places to stay seeing as it looks like the closest hotel is sold out.

Who's all planning on hitting this show up?


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