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DNA Confirms Identity of Grateful Doe


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You could have had four Twice as Mad Toms and saved yourself some time. #math



I don't know about that. Let's examine the numbers.




MT = Mad Tom 6.4% 

TAMT = Twice as mad tom 8.5%


Using this website's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculator > http://celtickane.com/projects/blood-alcohol-content-bac-calculator/


Relevant stats:


weight: 235lbs

Sex: Male

Metabolic rate: social drinker

Elapsed time: 6 hours (8pm-2am)

4 TAMT @355ml = 1420ml

8.5%/Vol. x 4 over 6 hours

= 0.022% BAC

8 MT @ 355ml = 2840ml

6.4%/Vol. x 8 over 6 hours

= 0.085% BAC


Assuming the same rate of consumption, to reach the same BAC level.


6 TAMT @ 355ml = 2130

8.5%/Vol. x 6 over 6 hours

= 0.084% BAC


So while your correct that drinking TAMT would have saved me some time, considering I drank 10 beers in total (2 saved for breakfast) and the cost differential, I believe I made the correct choice.


12 MT @ $13.95 (per 6) x 2 = $27.90

12 TAMT @ $12.95 (per 4) x 3 = $38.85


In the end, it did take a little more time to reach a desired BAC level, but cost me less.


  ;) :chug:

(yes, I'm bored this evening.)

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Good to hear they come in six's now. I would have grabbed cans but alas, sold out. Muskoka brews sell good at the LC I frequent. I have to be quick when their Harvest and Winterbeard ales come out.


I still have a half dozen of these in the fridge, saving for christmas. I have a close friend that lives in Bracebridge right down the street from the brewery, which is the only place to get em (if still possible). 9.2%, $5 a bottle, but worth it.






Boneshaker is my go to beer if Mad Tom isn't available. Haven't tried Fracture yet.

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