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Zappa vs. Zappa

Jay Funk Dawg

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Anyone following the drama between Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa?

At first it seemed like the Zappa family was behind new Alex Winter "Who the Fuck is Frank Zappa" Kickstarter Documentary, but both Moon Unity and Dweezil have come out saying they have nothing to do with it.

Then this New York Times article drops saying that Dweezil has been forced to change the name of his band / Tribute show to his father. 



Then this:



and today Dweezil's reply:

Reading into this, it does seem like Gail, Zappa's widow, created a situation that would lead to some conflict (i.e. each family members getting different percentages) and outside of the Rykodisc reissues, I haven't really heard much of Frank, it doesn't seem like Zappa Family Trust has really done much to keep Frank's legacy thriving.  Dwezil's Zappa plays Zappa has probably done more for Zappa than anything the family has done in recent memory.
anyone read or hear anything about this??
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