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Bob Dylan Opening Whiskey Distillery & Venue In Nashville


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Last year Bob Dylan launched Heaven’s Door, his own line of premium whiskey. The Nobel Prize-winning singer-songwriter has revealed that he will be opening Heaven’s Door Distillery & Center For The Arts, a whiskey distillery and music venue at a renovated 160-year-old church in Downtown Nashville.

“Nashville is the natural home for the Heaven’s Door distillery and the Elm Street Church is a fitting home for Dylan’s visual artwork,” shared Marc Bushala, CEO of Heaven’s Door Spirits. “We spent years looking for a property that truly captures the essence of the Heaven’s Door brand, and when we finally found the deconsecrated church in SoBro, we immediately knew that it would be the perfect physical and spiritual center for the brand, and Bob’s art.”

Set to open in the fall of 2020, Heaven’s Door Distillery & Center For The Arts will feature a restaurant and whiskey library along with a 360-person capacity performance space. Additionally, the venue will also incorporate Dylan’s artwork and metal sculptures.


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No photos allowed!  I'm personally fine with this policy.  Just be there folks. Although I do appreciate looking back on others sweet photos. I'd say for the most part though if you are in the audience, I don't really want to have the show obstructed by your phone screen.  What do the rest of you guys think? I'm usually so into a show that I wouldn't remember to take photos even if I wanted to.

Any rate...Bob expressed his discontent




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I agree 100% edger.  That Jack White show last year where no phones were allowed inside was such a breath of fresh air.  I can see it becoming standard for a lot of shows.  Okay, maybe that's more "hope" than anything, but either way yeah, I'm with you on this.


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I'm far more bothered by non stop talkers, and cologne/perfume at shows to be honest. Though,  I'm also usually too into the show to worry about taking pics, or what other people are doing around me (except non-stop talking). But, if I was a entertainer on stage all the time, and doing 100+ shows a year, I'm sure I'd be sick of seeing it too, so I get his point.

Personally, I turn my phone off pretty much anytime I'm in a small or crowded public place, like a bus, a store I'll be more than 5 minutes in, hospital, venue or even a corner bar.

The most interesting thing for me about all this is, it's the first time in two years he addressed the audience.

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