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Wanna see me get hit in the face with a board?


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phorbsie called it "improv".  We entered a contest to win a $5,000 home reno.  We recorded a song and we need people to vote for it.  I hate to ask, but if you got a minute could you click here and vote for our video?  And yes, I really do get hit in the face with a board. https://krockrocks.com/contest/43766/gallery/?entryID=8024744&page=1&order=latest&search=&fbclid=IwAR3klwEdXuFfb3-UAy1f8ItPTt0HKoU6SqU-zb9VTCOMjN8r7QLOqccNtkM


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the board in the face was my favourite part!  (sorry velvet)

i was supposed to drop the board and velvet would catch it. but the trajectory was off and the way it knocked his glasses off his face was so perfect :D  the look on his face is priceless too.

we need more votes!

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