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roo vs. hobstock vs. 10k lakes???


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Whats everyone think about these fests? Bonnaroo, or Hobstock or 10k Lakes. Panic at every corner, which is great. The Dead at Bonnaroo which is even better, and a lot more bands and stages. But I'm toying with the idea that the other two might be more fun in a lot of ways. they're both cheaper. They're both closer (I think). They'll have many less people, which may mean less hassle with the in and outs. And 10k Lakes even has electric hook ups for the RV!!!

What do you all think?

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I'm getting by... too much partying last weekend, sick now, and we broke down on the way home so were stuck for 2 days... and I made it to Kmart a day late for the $11 spindles. But its all looking good now. And Dave got the sbds of the shows off kazaa so I should have some heading my way soon....

I want that destiny!!! It says in the phishing manual or whatever that they stopped playing it because it sounded too much like a Dead tune. faulkers.

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The weather down at Hobstock will be absolutely brutal, I couldn't even imagine that kind of heat at that time of year.

I'm thinking of heading to 10K Lakes because I'll be head out west at that time anyways. 2 nights of WSP, ABB, Mule, Galactic, moe., Leftover Salmon for $100US sounds good enough for me.

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HobStock would like to officially announce the following bands

Gov't Mule

Taj Mahal

Little Feat

Disco Biscuits


Kudzu Kings

Los Lobos

10000 Lakes:

Widespread Panic

The Allman Brothers Band


Gov't Mule


Leftover Salmon


Robert Randolph & the Family Band

Leo Kottke

The Big Wu


Tim Sparks

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons





The Lost Trailers

Jack Brass Band

No contest which one i would go to. Time permitting.

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I don't think Phish at Bonnaroo makes much sense, for a festival date like that Phish would have to be paid close to a million dollars. Plus playing a huge outdoor festival around the same time they are supposed to do their own huge outdoor festival is kind of unrealistic.

I can't see any point why they would announce Phish playing once all the tickets are sold out. The line up is tight enough as it is and I'm sure it cost them a pretty penny to get The Dead to headline the final night. You never know though I guess, anything is possible. I sure as hell didn't expcet them to play Destiny Unbound this week!!!

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