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Cruise with moe.


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I'm on moe.'s mailing list, and the latest missive asks a question:


Here is a question-Please respond to this e mail address:


If moe. went on a crusie next year for 7 days in the Caribbean how many moe.rons would like to go?

Keep in mind that moe. might only play for about 90 minutes a night and the cost to go on the cruise would be $1000-$1500.

This would include all your food, port taxes and moe.shows but not your drinks.

Please respond to this e-mail address. cruisewithmoe@yahoo.com

Imagine sailing the Caribbean, cooped up in a ship with moe. as the house band! I put myself down for two spots.



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Sounds like a wicked awesome time but expensive if thats in American quid.

On a side note, they're new album is absolutely the best rock album out

(exception: Gov't Mule The Deep End Vols 1-2)

in quite some time. Really, do yourself a

favour and grab a copy of of Wormwood.

I can't believe how good this album is !!!


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wicked idea!!!

Similar to a plan I have.....

Dr.Huxtable (or whatever band) buys a huge cruise-ship, it's outfitted so various friends and family can live aboard in normal (land) size living quarters, w) kitchens, bedrooms, fully contained, like a house, but on the boat.

The people living on the boat denounce their citizenship, and the boat becomes it's own country. The band returns to the mainland for tours, but returns to the tax haven, er boat, fot the rest of the time.

It's like, the hippie dream man!!!

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My only issue would be the lack of uhhhhm........party supplies.

I think they're pretty strict about that sort of thing on cruises - especially if they are hitting the port in multiple countries - not that I wouldnt just drink myself silly. Interesting tour though, id definately think about it - I guess it would depend on how badly I needed a vacation.

[edit] only heard wormwood once, drunkly, and thought it rocked

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