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Montreal Americans???


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It looks like our beloved Canadiens are now owned by an American. The greatest professional sports organization, EVER!!!, is out of our control. It might not be all bad though. As part of the deal he is committed to staying in Montreal for 20 years. Hopefully he can use some of his big American dollars to sign us some good talent. Now I know your not all Habs fans, but there is no accounting for bad taste in sports teams. The Habs will soon find themselves amongst the elite NHL organizations. No more Koivu's or Lindens. It'll be Sakic's and Jagr's for us.


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coach Michel Therrien:

"Compadres, it is imperative that we crush the maple leafs

before the start of the rainy season. And remember, a shiny

new donkey for whoever brings me the head of Mats Sundin.

[brian Savage whispers to him]

Hmm? What? Oh, and by that I mean, of course, it's time for

the "Player of the Week Award". I can't believe we've

overlooked this week's winner for so very, very long. We

simply could not function without his tireless efforts. So, a

round of applause for...this inanimate carbon rod!"

[Everyone cheers]

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Some guy in Colorado has bought the Montreal Canadiens. That is not is

surprising in itself: guys in Colorado will buy just about anything. Some

guys in Colorado bought the Quebec Nordiques a few years ago.

What is surprising is that nobody up here much seems to care. Where are

the competitive bids from Canadians? Where are the screams in

Parliament? Where are the outraged cries from nationalist organizations?

Why isn't this the biggest issue in the country right now, bigger, even than

improvements in House of Commons procedure? This is, after all, one of

our most important institutions, as big as the CPR, the CBC and the

Canadian side of Niagara Falls. What's happening?

All I read about is NAFTA and how Cheech sold himself out to Don Johnson. Let's get that perspective back pholks, Canada wouldnt be Canada with Canadians.



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Nice speech... liked it better when i heard it on the cbc this morning.

The fact of the matter is this.. just because the montreal canadians are being bank rolled by an american billionaire doesn't make it any less a canadian institution. Once again we've dupped the american's into footing the bill while we sit back and reap the benefits.

"hey canada let's make a pact to protect each other in case of foreign invasion"

"sure sounds good to me... ahh we're a little strapped for cash right now..."

"oh don't worry about it we'll just go ahead and through a few trillion dollars into it right now..you can get us back later"

"Uh yeah...that sounds like a plan"

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No matter what, things will still be the same for you fags. When the national anthems (all 3 of em) end, and the puck falls on the ice, the A-button will still shoot, and the B-button will still pass.

The game will invariably end because when one guy gets up to get a beer, and the other guy goes to take a piss, and you both meet back at the controllers, you'll forget who's controller is who's, and wind up fighting over what the hell to put on the pizza your about to order.

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I don't even know why I post on this site.. Dead.net eh... You see I am just not cultured enough to know about these things... I try and say something and hope it comes across as intellegent but when you deal with intellegent people it's just bound to get you in trouble...You see take this whole blind date show... I just don't get it and I sit there and shake and tears begin to role down my eyes and my heart rate goes up as I sit there thinking "Oh god, i hope nobody draws me into a conversation about blind date". I am just way to confused. So these people like go out together with strangers? and like sometimes they hate each other and sometimes they seem to like each other.. Some of them even Kiss sometimes..."Ewww" I think to myself, "kissing", don't they know about cooties... Anyways if I am completely wrong on this just let me know... the education will do me good... I AM trying to learn... Anyways thank you for your support. With your help maybe I can stop seeing you as my cultural superiors and spiritual guru's and begin seeing you as my cultural equals and spiritual journey men... Wow that feels so good to get off my chest. Thank you everyone

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