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I woke up yesterday morning, excited that my plane tickets to Taiwan had arrived the day before, and the countdown to my last day at work had reached 6 weeks.

I walk into the office, and my boss calls me in to speak with her. Seems she thinks that I would be suited for an available position within our company. Now, two months ago (pre-Taiwan plans) I saw this job, wrote a resume and cover letter to apply for it (I really wanted it) but was too chicken shit to send in my resume. Now, it is being handed to me on a silver platter. Mine for the taking.

My head started to spin as I had to decide before Friday whether or not to take the position. I would enjoy it very much, but I couldn't go to Taiwan. Here's what I decided to do:

I decided to take the job and see how I like it. I figure if I hate it in six months, then my passport will still be valid, my immunization shots will still protect me and Taiwan will still be there. If the job doesn't work out Taiwan will be there, if Taiwan doesn't work out, the job won't be there.

Additional pluses?

Phil, Moe, Soullive

Jazz Festival

Blues Festival


Frontier Towns

Summer in Canada

More time with Dr. Huxtable. (YAY!)

So I'll reassess in 6 months and keep y'all posted.

Thank you so much to everyone who offered advise to me yesterday. You helped me so much with a very tough decision. To repay the favour, I promise to party hard this summer with you.

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