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You might be...but you'd be unaware, and most likely brain-washed. That's how these things operate. First they make you drinks for 2.50 and they're REAAL GOOOD. You think you're drinking the best caesar in the world, but you're really a vessel for hypnotic suggestions. Before you know it, you're ....

wait-a-sec...that may have been in a movie.

If not, it should be one...WACKAMOLE!

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OK, I just spoke with Brian at Cafe Dekcuf.

He would like to make it clear that this has nothing to do with him or Casey (his other partner) It came as a shock to him, it is business as usual and the shows will go on

Here are the October Nuggets at Cafe Dekcuf

October 3 Hiway Freeker w/ Quivertwist

October 5 The Formula w/ Escalate

October 10 Smokestack

October 12 Special Ed and the Musically Challenged w/ Ferriswheeler

October 15 Jimmy Swift Band

October 17 Grand Theft Bus

October 19 TBA w/ The Nixon Tapes Orchestra

October 24 Moonraker

October 31 Jomomma

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The only article I've found talks about "three south-end homes and a Rideau St. business". Cafe Dekcuf was not mentioned, nor were any names I recognized. Is this the story?

I taped the 11:00pm news on CHRO and watched it this morning, but they didn't have anything on it.



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