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Keller Williams to Open for DMB in Toronto


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Well this sucks, now I have to go to a DMB show.

Wow, those were my sentiments exactly! Were you being sarcastic? I'm not. DMB just does not do it for me. They're an absolutely solid band. I've seen them before. They're tight, they're different, and for some reason they do nothing for me. Last time I saw them, I might as well have been listening to the CD in the comfort of my living room. Keller on the other hand... WOW! Looks like I'll be spending DMB money to see Keller.

Wanna get together for some beers during the DMB portion Freaker? ;)

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I like your idea Brad

DMB Openers Festival


Robert Randolph & the Family Band


Medeski, Martin & Wood

Bela Fleck & Flecktones


Karl Densen Tiny Universe

Keller Williams


The Roots

Funky Meters

Dickey Betts and Great Southern


Jimmy Cliff

Daniel Lanios

The Getaway People

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Jason Mraz

DJ Logic and Project Logic



Ben Harper

Ben Kweller

Taj Mahal

Gov't Mule

John Butler Trio


Norah Jones

Afro Celt Sound System

North Mississippi Allstars

Widespread Panic

...talk about a killer festival (as long as Dave doesn't show up)

Hey Willy, my sentiments exactaly, I wouldn't cross the street to see DMB, but I'm considering driving to Toronto, shelling out 60 bones just to see Keller open the show.

My fingers are crossed for a Canadian date ::

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That festival would be sick. It's cool that Dave and his crew give so many talented and underexposed acts an opportunity to play for thousands of people, especially when you consider that he could probably sell more tickets if Ben Harper or Jack Johnson opened every show.

I like DMB, but I remember seeing the Flecktones open for them a couple of 4/20s ago, and that seemed a little (a lot) backwards to me.

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Panic opened for him in 2000.

Are you talking about the Vegas show? 'Cus I thought that was double-bill DMB/Panic with Macy Gray opening? I was actually really close to going to that and catching Blues Traveler the same weekend, but lacked the funds at the time.

And BTW Dave-bashers, why not chilll and give a little credit to Matthews and co. for using their celebrity to promote their friends and favorites to their massive audience rather than just hooking up with whatever top-40 pap-act their record company is pushing that month. Whatever else you think of DMB, you have to admire their taste.


- Mr. M.

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