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I hope the Slip play


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I have given this deep thought and I have to go with:

Who The Hell Is This Guy?

19960725: Living Room: Providence, RI

Set I: ?*, Night Shift, Monk on the Run, ?instrumental?, Honey Melon, Sea Legs, Who the Hell is This Guy??, Crosstown Traffic

19970711: Met Cafe: Providence, RI

Set I: Autobody Experience> Zion, Spice Groove, Honey Melon, Yellow Medicine, Cumulus> The Social, Who the Hell is This Guy??> Munf, Alsoa, The Clap, Lion on a Rock.

19971010: Somerville Theater: Somerville, MA

Set I: Sea Legs, Honey Melon, Munf, Cumulus, Gecko > Zion, Who the Hell is This Guy??

Read a few thoughts from the California run and this bit about Brad's amp blowing stood out (and the squirt gun kids):

Those squirt gun kids were tops, weren't they? Like sometimes they'd hit your back, other times it would be a direct shot to the eyes or below the belt, you had to laugh. It was fun to hear Brad say they'd never been to a place like that before. Then that one guy laying down saying "We're all sluts to god!" hahaha. The "Moroccan tune" was perrfectly placed. I think that might be Song of Mysterious Origin. That was the highlight in that set for me, oh, besides the way Brad teased "Let the Mornin In" inside Poor Boy(?) i think it was. The Slip should've been scheduled as headliners though, totally. That was a major oversight or something.

HIghlights for me was San Francisco. I remember the Driving Backwards with You and Soft Machine, If One of Us SHould Fall, Brad's amp's blowing, and that Jazzy tune they did for an encore which was damn fun.

Santa Cruz's Jumby and Poor Boy. Bummer we didn't hear a "Something Learned," I like that tune.


I think it was his amp. I remember smelling it and later they said if you smelled something it was because Brad's amp blew and Brad said he was so happy we were all there that night because he'd always wanted that to happen on stage. I don't remember now which song it was in, Soft Machine? Fuji? Maybe STTN.

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Mardi Gras! I know this is a longshot without Nathan Moore being there, but stranger things have happened at Slip shows...

Other than that, I'll be happy with a Get Me With Fuji, 74, Poor Boy, Nellie Jean, Zion, Song Of Mysterious Origin or a Sometimes True To Nothing...

It really doesn't matter what they play...


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