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Top 50 earners in music for 2004 from rs: Contest


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I'm sure bouche will be happy about who's number one for 2004.

Phish made the 32nd spot on the list making $17.3 MILLION (in 2003 they were 31st)

I personally attended nine of the top fifty earners in 2004 (1. Prince, 8. Phil Collins, 11. Van Halen, 15. Sting, 17. David Bowie, 18. Eric Clapton, 32. Phish, 39. Rush, 49. Bob Dylan).

Here's the link:


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Other than Dylan and Phish, not too much speaks to me on that list. The show I saw, by the way, was Prince... Good show, but not worth the ticket price. thankfully it was bought for me... that's what my comment was really about, most of these artists could play for free for the rest of their lives and still be millionaires. Still, they have crazy ticket prices, so the rich get richer... Of course if the Dead was on that list I'd have attended 2 of the top 50. Phish just didn't happen for me this year, or it would have been 2 as well..

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I must admit,for a 63 year old guy this sure is a fair amount of shows.

Bob Dylan

The sixty-three-year-old legend played eighty-seven gigs, including twenty-two dates at minor-league baseball stadiums with Willie Nelson, and a three-night stand in Detroit that included a guest appearance by the White Stripes' Jack White.

Not to mention a short gig (harmonica & vocals only) at the Apollo Theater in NYC backed by The Wynton Marsalis septet.

God bless the "never ending tour". ::

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So, the fans of these artists that spent their hard earned money didnt get value for their dollar?

Are you telling them that they got ripped off, without knowing how they feel about the show(s) they saw?

For the nine in the top fifty that I attended I feel like I got my values worth for 7 out of the 9.

I'll let you guess which two I didn't get my values worth.

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Phil Collins and Rush?


Keep guessing, whoever comes up with the two artists first will get a prize from me (Next time we see each other, or if we have never meet, when we meet for the first time).

The only rule is you can only guess once (Del you can guess twice as I hadn't made up the rules yet).

Good luck.

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Van Halen and Phish

Nope. Thanks for playing.

I'm going to bed now and tomorrow I'll be at work and then I'm going to Toronto to see Ian Tyson at Hugh's Room, so I won't be back until late.

Hopefully by tomorrow night someone will have come up with the correct two artists out of the nine that are in the top 50 money makers of 2004 that I do not feel I got my values worth at their concerts.

Also I will think on what the prize will be at work tomorrow. And post it Friday night/Saturday morning.

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