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FAT CATS, Friday, Apr. 15, Pepperjack Cafe, Hamilton


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Great show last night,spent the morning with a bong & my laptop outside listening to it.Now just to get it up on archive...

Nice to see so many friends and few surprises in the crowd last night,especially Mr.LaForge great to see you in steeltown my friend.

Heres the official unofficial setlist for those interested,the solo Steve Murphy on ukulele during set break is pure gold,brings back memories of the old La Luna's when he used to get up and play a few songs.

-=Set One=-

Burden & Misfortune

Sing Me Gently Home

Harder They Come

Hey Man

Row Jimmy

Sail Into The Sun >

The Fatman Walks Alone >

Down Again

Doobie Break


Lazy Day*+

Devil In Disguise*+

Tonight,The Bottle Let Me Down*#

The Rumor*%

-=Set Two=-


Soldier's Home

Cruelty's Cure

Montana Haze




Not Fade Away


* - Steve Murphy - solo w/ ukulele

+ - Gram Parsons

# - Merle Haggard

% - The Band

"Lazy Day" fades in,I missed Steve hitting the stage while I was outside,missed maybe 1 minute or so.

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Yeah man,good night alright,I remained relatively sober & mellow most of the night but once the second set began & the double vodkas started flowing I was quick to stagger,quite possibly helped by the herbal remedies enjoyed during setbreak...ahhh Doobie break.

A real smokin "Fatman walks alone" last night,best I've heard in awhile & the "Row Jimmy" is always a real treat.

I'm currently uploading last nights show as I type,I imagine it'll be available late tonight or tomorrow for ya...

Well,back to my beer & bong,guess all thats left to do is to turn up that Steve Murphy mini set from last night....


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I'm currently uploading last nights show as I type,I imagine it'll be available late tonight or tomorrow for ya...

Greg, thanks for this: you almost make it possible to be in two places at once. Sorry to have missed you at the Lanc last night, but glad to hear you had a good double-vodka kinda time. Looking forward to catching up someday soon...


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Sorry man,can't make it tonight,got an early morning tomorrow.


Thanks.Yeah,wish I could have been in two places at one time last night.I spoke up on the Lanc show before I knew Fatties were playing at PJC & I had to pass along a few folks their Scofield tickets,but I would have been hard pressed regardless to make it to the Lanc unfortunatley as I was financially challenged last night,so the home show was the place to be.

ps.I haven't finished the Bruce shows yet since I ran outta discs...(d'oh) & have yet to grab the disc from Paisley.Sorry on the delay.

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