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New List: 100 Greatest Guitar Solo's


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I won't look at the list unless it lists the My Sharona (album version) solo in the top five.

In my opinion that's the best rock guitar solo ever, although almost everything Jimmy Page did could arguably be the greatest rock guitar solo ever too.

Agreed on the My Sharona comment. It's so irritating when My Sharona was re-released and re-edited in the 90's without the solo.

Jeff Beck could make-up the top 10 with his worst solos.

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I wish they had included "Another Nail For My Heart" by Squeeze. I love how it pops up unexpectedly after the first verse, and then rips it completely, blowing your hair back in the process. For thin-leather-tie new wave, it was a rarity to hear such a good solo, and I still like it.



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