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So I've Lost Everything (Photo Related)


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Due to my recent compu-nightmare I hgave lost all the contents of my HD. Oink, bt.etree and mininova are helping me rebuild my media collection. But the one thing the interweb can't help me with is all the pictures I've lost. I had a pretty sweet collection, pretty much chronicled all my years here in Ottawa. If anyone has any pictures I would really love to rebuild my album and this time I'll back it up.

send as many pix as you want to ts.turner@gmail.com or post them here in this thread.

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sorry for your loss, mang.

*edit* holy freaking shit & doodles, i have just been emailed some incredible pictures of the sky in orangeville last friday (tornado!), and a play by play account of finch street being demolished by rain (same day). if someone wants to host them so we can all see 'em (they are crazy!), let me know & i will send them.

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Hey Trev! I've got some great pic's from 40 main.

I might even still have the copy of the disc from one of our first Bronson party's (or do you have that?)

I have a plan next week to get all my pictures onto disks. I don't have a burner, but I think I Shane will let me use his computer since our computers's are linked.

Don't worry little buddy...everyone will get you hooked up.

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