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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Nov. 15 @ PJC


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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Pepper Jack Cafe, November 15

38 King William St. Hamilton

jfjo.com, pepperjackcafe.com



We JFJOians are currently in a state of wild celebration, because this beautiful summer has seen the birth of a brand new healthy bouncing baby FRED ALBUM (Hyena Records) that we've been growing in our collective womb since last fall. When the tunes were sufficiently developed, we headed to NYC (mid-June) and had a truly epic session at the legendary Sear Sound (formerly the Hit Factory), a room that has seen the creation of masterpieces by the likes of Wilco ("A Ghost is Born"), John Lennon, Norah Jones, and if I'm not mistaken, one James Marshall Hendrix. Producing the session is a man whose mysterious Taoist energy beams transformed our woolly mammoth into an even woollier mammoth, the one and only Joel Dorn. Go ahead and google Joel and you'll see just why we feel so honored by this collaboration. Engineering the session was another platinum legend, Gene Paul (son of Les). Among his thousands of amazing productions is the record I'm currently listening to, Aretha Franklin's crowning achievement from '72..."Amazing Grace," (as well as just about every other Aretha track from her prime years, and literally hundreds of bona-fide classics). Long story short, these guys are ON THE LEVEL, and they pulled us right up there with 'em. The results are...well, you'll all find out come October 11th. But let it be known that the tracks are RIDICULOUS, and the sounds are MASSIVE. So get ready, Planet Earth. The Sameness of Difference is about to dominate your iPod.


"JFJO burns with a quiet intensity rather than dramatically explodes. The musicians play with a coiled looseness, improvising with quicksilver yet deliberate force. You can hear the band's power and inventiveness creatively eroding structure, and the tension produced from that is exhilarating. If JFJO isn't moving jazz forward, it is shifting its center of gravity interestingly askew."

- Dave Segal, JAZZTIMES

"You are pushing jazz forward in a brand new direction. Thanks!"

- Cecil Taylor (the Jazz legend told Brian after witnessing 3 hours of Jacob Fred love.)

"...the powerful presence of Brian Haas is a force to be reckoned with. Haas is a free player, creating his own style of music that brazenly eludes any label or description... you can hear the sound of musical boundaries being erased, and it's a beautiful thing."

-Robbie Genet, Keyboard Magazine

"You'll be hearing a lot about Reed Mathis from the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, because he's doing innovative stuff."

- Les Claypool (in Bass Player Magazine)


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nice work! i missed them the last time they were here. so glad they're coming back.

Actually you didn't miss anything last time. I believe it was July 17 and they cancelled at the last minute due to problems with their vehicle. Unless you're talking about CTMF where they were absolutely fabulous.

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holy motherfucking shit! i'm on this like stink on shee-hat. JFJO is the tits. both of them. i was wicked bitter about the vehicle trouble business and i've been dying to see them again.

the Reed Mathis orgasm face is going to be all over the shoebooty.


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Congratulations to the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey for being voted the # 2 Rising Star Electric Band in the 2005 Downbeat Magazine International Critics Poll.

Rising Star Electric Group

1. Charlie Hunter Trio

2. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

3. Nels Cline Singers

4. Soulive

5. Steve Coleman & Five Elements

6. Medeski Martin & Wood

7. Joshua Redman Elastic Band

8. Russell Gunn

9. Roy Hargrove RH Factor

10. Paul Motian Electric Bebop Band

11. Crater

12. Nils Petter Molvaer

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