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Half Nelson (awesome movie alert)


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Who has seen this movie? I believe it came out last year. It stars a guy named Ryan Gosling, and its about this grade eight history teacher in Brooklyn.. He's a junkie, but a good teacher, and its about his relationship with his students, particularly one girl who plays on the b-ball team he coaches. The girl (Shareeka Epps) does a great job with the role of the girl, and Gosling's damn good too. Actually I just noticed he was nominated for an Oscar for this performance.

Anyway, its the best movie I've seen in ages and I've watched it twice this week. The tone of the movie is just perfect. As my friend put it, "It never sold out, nor went for cheese". Its a sad tale overall, and very moving. Broken Social Scene supplies most of the soundtrack. The song "Shampoo Suicide" is cranked during the movie's climax and it is so brilliantly placed, its a flawless scene.

So please check it out! I don't usually get so excited over a film. I'm curious to hear how other skanks liked it.



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Brilliant movie.One of the very few that strikes a perfect, quietly understated yet profoundly intense tone.

I've watched it so many times now and its still mesmerizing.The soundtrack is perfect too.

I like Ryan Gosling.I liked The Believer, and that other movie that's escaping me right now(has Ewan Macgregor and Naomi Watts)

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i got this movie months ago but still haven't watched it. always had an aversion to gosling since he went to high school in cornwall with a former roomate, but apparently he's an excellent actor. people have mentioned his name for oscar nominations for Fracture, and Anthony Hopkins said Gosling is the best actor he's ever worked with.

I will have to put Half Nelson back in the top half of my 'to watch' pile, thanks for the encouragement.

on a related note, i loved Breaker High :)

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