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Fire in China Town


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I smelled something funny on the way to work this morning. It smelled like ashtray in Hull. I thought it was the car or something. When we got across into Ottawa, I saw the lights and the ladders up booth street. I wondered and worried what else is disappearing in Chinatown? This is the 3rd or 4th major fire there in 2 years.

Do you guys live on the same block?

you should submit a couple of photos to The Sun.

DID you witness the fire? Send us your story and / or photos, remember to include your contact information for verification purposes (name, phone, email, etc.) to our online desk at: ottsun.feedback@sunmedia.ca.
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I bet, though, that the e-mail address is really


without the "." at the end of the sentence in the article in which it was printed.

(Not meaning to hijack the thread, but did anybody else see the smoke closer to downtown last night? jonyak and I were driving along the River Parkway towards Rideau St. about 6:15pm, and it looked like there was a huge smoke trail drifting South from the Quebec side of the river.)



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Thanks Tim....now I'm more scared to be here...lol. Matt and I just moved on this street, about a block down from the fire, in April, right next to where Carribean Flavors used to be (It burned down a month before we moved in) I'm feeling less and less inclined to want to be here and with a new baby coming in 2 months, I'm considering finding a new place that's not so old and is less of a fire hazard. I hate worrying about this stuff but it's better to be safe then sorry I guess.


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Everyone make sure you've got your fire alarms set up with batteries. I believe we are guilty of a dead battery in one of ours. Gotta get some batteries today.

Derick Wicks said he lost four handmade guitars and about 300 songs. His favourite Gibson Les Paul electric guitar had just been fixed.

"And it had a Stratocaster neck. It was pretty sweet guitar. I had just had it fixed for my birthday (last month)," said Wicks, 26, who rushed his wife and five-month-old son out of their apartment at 801 Somerset St. to safety.

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where did he stop the guy from lighting a bucket of fire and if he can remember the same strange guy from last year, he should be able to finger him. How did he see this same strange man on the roof? Why did he not report a guy lighting fires last year in Chinatown?

I'm sure they're questioning Paul Piche alot here.

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